Try us out

Not a member yet? You are welcome to try us out! A pay-as-you-go ticket is 199 SEK/session. If you buy a pass within 14 days afterwards, you will get your money back (save the receipt and show it at the facility).


Friskis&Svettis is a non-profit association and any surplus goes straight back into our organisation. This also means that all of our members pay a membership fee of 100 SEK/year.

Regular gym card

Your gym pass includes all types of exercising at any of F&S Stockholms locations.


Subscription* 399 SEK/month
Subscription* day**
349 SEK/month
Unbound subscription 499 SEK/month
Unbound subscription day** 449 SEK/month

Annual pass

Annual pass 4890 SEK

Annual pass - day**

4290 SEK

Monthly passes

1-month pass 699 SEK


* You sign up for 12 months (binding period). The agreement then runs until you terminate it.

** Day passes are valid for exercising which starts no later than 15.00.


Teenager, student and pensioner

Teenager pass Prices apply from the year you turn 13, until the day you turn 20. Please bring proof of identification with you. If you are under 18 you need to bring written permission from a parent or guardian. You can buy a pass with the teenager discount at the facility, not through our website.

Student pass applies to those who have a Mecenat or Student card. You need to show your Mecenat or Student card when you buy your pass at the facility or when you attend your first exercise session if you buy through our website.

Pensioner pass is valid from 65 years of age and those with a “Benefits Recipient Certificate” (Försäkringskassan) or a “Pensioner Certificate” (The Swedish Pensions Agency - Pensionsmyndigheten). You can buy the pensioner pass on our website or at the facility. It cannot be combined with a preventative healthcare allowance. If you buy the pass through our website you need to show a certificate when you attend your first exercise session at the facility.


319 SEK/month
Subscription* day**
269 SEK/month
Unbound subscription 419 SEK/month
Unbound subscription day** 369 SEK/month

Annual pass

Annual pass 3890 SEK

Annual pass - day**

3290 SEK

Month pass

 1 month pass 699 SEK 

You sign up for 12 months (binding period). The agreement then runs until you terminate it.
Day passes are valid for exercising which starts no later than 15.00.

Sweden pass

Sweden pass 5 400 SEK
Valid for one year at all the Friskis associations in Sweden. 

Starting date & upgrades

Flexible starting date

When you buy your pass at the facility you can choose the starting date. When you buy a pass on our website, your pass is valid from the date you bought it.


If you have a day pass you can upgrade it to a card that is valid at all times. You can also upgrade a monthly pass to a regular annual pass, as long as the monthly pass is active.

Personal trainers

Do you need that little bit extra to get started or keep your exercising going?

Book a PT

Friskis member visiting?

If you have an active gym pass at another F&S association you can exercise for 75 SEK /exercise session instead of 149 SEK. Just bring your gym pass with you.

Companions and personal assistants

Companions and personal assistants can come with you at no extra cost and you can exercise together with a member at all exercising sessions at F&S Stockholm simply by showing proof of identification. You need to enter together.

Gift vouchers

You can buy gift vouchers of any amount at the facility.

Other pass prices

These passes can only be bought at our facilities.

Öppna dörrar (season*) 450 SEK
Enkeljympa (season*) 450 SEK

FaR (3-months, with prescription)

599 SEK

Childcare (per visit per child)

Free for members, others 20 SEK

Pay-as-you-go ticket

149 SEK
Pay-as-you-go ticket, guest from other F&S association 50 SEK


* Season: 1 jan-30 jun, 1 jul-31 dec.

Easy to pay with a Friskis Account

Load your Friskis Account, so you don’t have to bring your bank card when you want to exercise. The Friskis Account is a digital wallet linked to your membership profile. By loading it with cash you (or your children) do not need to bring a credit card when you want to exercise. You can use your deposited funds for purchases at the facility, such as fruit, drinks, fitness clothing or one-time exercise sessions. If you don’t exercise much, the Friskis Account is also perfect to use as a "punch pass".

This is how it works:

  • You can load your Friskis Account with any amount.
  • Use the funds in your account within 1 year. This applies from the last time you loaded it.
  • Funds cannot be refunded so you will therefore be unable to withdraw funds from the account.

You are welcome to load your account at the facility!