About Friskis Partille

Welcome to Friskis Partille, Partille’s largest non-profit training center!

We hope that you’re going to like being a member here. The club is run by about 130 people who voluntarily, in their own spare time, are involved in the club. Just because it is so much fun!  

We offer a well equiped gym and al lot of different classes, for example the Friskis Jympa, Spinning, Indoor Walking, Dance, Yoga. We work with a daily flexible schedule. The schedule can therefore vary from week to week. Keep yourself updated via our homepage or app so that you don’t miss your favourite class! Every time you come to your training you register at the check-in stations and choose either gym or training class. Please note that your training card is personal.

You can train though the reception is closed, just sign an agreement in the reception for access to even more training!

Get help from our Trainers in the gym. You will find the times for Available Trainers on our schedule.


We presume that you, just as we do, say no to drugs. Spontaneous drug tests are carried out. If the result is positive the member will be banned for two years acting immediately. The training card will not be refunded. When you buy a training card with us you have also agreed to the rules that apply for drugs as well as to our general rules (see the homepage for details).


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Note that to train during reception closing hours you need a valid Allträning- or Gymcard, as well as a personal code. 

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us. E-mail


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What do you feel like doing today?  

The human body is made to move, and moving our bodies makes us feel good.

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