Sweden's most satisfied training members


In recent years' national surveys, Friskis & Svettis has had Sweden's most satisfied training members according to the Svenskt Kvalitets Index. But we're not ready yet. We continue to develop Friskis as both training and meeting place together with our members. As a member you have the opportunity to influence and contribute

Many workouts and a wide variety of training forms

With us, you can choose from 64 different group training classes each week spread over 11 different types of training. Everything from Yoga to Gym.

Gym training on your terms

In our well equipped gym you will find everything from slab bars to a "wattbike". If you want help on the way, our coaches are there to guide and peep. As a new member, you always have a maskinvisning and a gyminstruktion in the price if you buy a training card for 6 months or more.

Become a member now

We can try to describe the feeling. But really good training must be experienced. Come here and test us. You can always test and pay for one time. When you buy your training card, we deduct the cost of the test training.